Starting from square one

To those of you who followed me faithfully or were just getting to know me, all of my previous blog posts are gone. Erased, deleted, or as my mother would say “They’re in outer FaceSpace”. I was not prepared for my hard work to disappear as if it never occurred but as I sit here staring blankly at an empty Word Press dashboard, I’m overwhelmed with sadness. It is the biggest insult to my injury. I think we are even karma. Thank you and goodbye.

I wasn’t prepared to write tonight so I will just leave you with this.

I will be back,

No one person or circumstance can take away what I create,

Thank you to everyone who’s thoughts and prayers and texts and emails gave me glimmers of hope where there were none the last 2 months.


As Life would have it….

Life doles out a lot of curve balls, I’ve never been one to take the hit and walk to first base, but instead try to hit each ball with all my might and run each base in the hopes of making my way to home plate.

As Life would have it…..I got a curveball I never saw coming. I need to assess the field to decide how to hit it just right, so I can keep running….because if I can’t run, I’m out of the game.